The Gas Credit Card the Fuel to Drive Savings Your Way

Saying that gas prices have been a pain in the you-know-where is a complete understatement. It is an ominous problem that seems to grow out of proportion each year. Try as we may, this is a problem that we cannot rid ourselves of. Most of us need our cars not just because we are too lazy to walk to the bus stop, but because we need it for our jobs and to expedite our transportation time so that we can tend to the other responsibilities we have.

So as fuel prices continue to increase, there is not much left we can do but grit our teeth and just hope that maybe someday, we could run our cars with water, (but at the rate things are going, we may not even afford water in the future). So what is there left to do? Fortunately, gas companies and other financial establishment shave come up with a way to alleviate this dilemma, and our savior is a small rectangular plastic card called the gas credit card.

Okay, so it may not be relatively new as it has been available for the past few years already, but the way the competition is heating up with all the gas companies, the rewards, rebates, cash backs and gifts they send our way (the consumers) have been a great surprise.

But to say another understatement, the gas credit card has been very handy, if not very beneficial. Basically, deriving from its name, a gas credit card allows you to purchase gas in credit, big deal, regular credit cards are also able to do that and they have already been widely available for use in most gas stations. True, but gas credit cards, especially those that are used for a single gas company and only in their gas stations provides more benefits like the aforementioned cash backs, rebates, low interest rates, zero APR”s, rewards and so much more. Hey, in these times, every thing that we can get our hands on (legally of course) counts.

Gas companies do these because they want, or maybe need, our patronage. They dangle these offers in front of us to attract us (lure us?) into getting their gas credit cards. But not that I”m saying its bad, in fact, I love that this is happening, the more they compete with each other, the more savings, us the consumers get.

Some of the juicy bait they try to attract us with are ten percent rebates after sixty days of acquiring the card, some even continue the rebates but at a lower percentage, like say five percent after the initial three months. Some gas credit cards forego with the annual fees for a certain period of time. Some may even have zero APR”s on balance transfers. These are all good for us.

A number of these gas credit cards may even be used for other purchases like regular credit cards, so you get the best of both worlds.

So if you seem to be living in your car zipping from one place to another, its high time that you get a gas credit card now. Application is easy, you can either go to your favorite local gas station and inquire if they have one, or you can just go online and do your application there. Fuel prices may eternally be going up, but with all the benefits gas credit cards offer, you will certainly be going places, with a lot less cost.

Mario Churchill is the owner of a credit card website with links where you can apply for a credit card which best suits your needs.

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